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LOHER非防爆低压电机: LOHER普通工业电机, LOHER耐腐电机, LOHER变频电机, LOHER J series

LOHER低压防爆电机: Ex nA Ex e Ex d(e)


Loher motors Loher low-voltage motors have been specifically tailored to address extreme applications such as winch drives on the decks of ships, transporting and pumping natural resources from the depths of the sea, drilling units for tunnels and the mining sector, high and low temperature applications as well as especially production plants and machines located in hazardous areas in the chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas industries. Loher motors are available in all of the usual types of protection - also in double protection where there is an especially high danger of explosion.

Loher motors in Non-Ex Motors that operate in a "safe" or non hazardous" environments (there is no explosive atmosphere) are designated with the "Non-Ex" degree of protection. As a consequence, these motors do not have, neither do they require, special mechanical and electrical protection against explosive gases, vapors or dusts as there is no danger of explosion. Generally, these are motors that are used for normal applications, for instance in production plants and systems or process equipment in factories (conveyor belts / elevators - cranes / escalators / water pumps,...). Also in this case, Loher always precisely adapts its drive solutions to the application-specific requirements so that these motors enjoy worldwide acceptance.

Industrial motor Low-voltage motors in non-explosive environments for standard and special applications

Brief overview
Surface cooled (t.e.f.c.) Water cooled Braking motor
Motors: 1PS0 (industrial motor acc. to EN and IEC)
Shaft heights: Frame size 071 to 355 mm (area of standard motors) Frame sizes 160 to 355 mm (area of standard motors) Frame sizes 090 to 250 mm (area of standard motors)
Power range: Up to 315 kW (thermally utilized to temperature class B at Up to 500 kW(thermally utilized to temperature class B for a water intake temperature of Up to 55 kW for braking torques from 32 to 400 Nm
(50 Hz types) TU = 40 °C) 20 °C)
Number of poles: 2 - 12 pole; also higher numbers of poles for special versions 2 - 6 pole 2 - 8 pole
pole changing
-2 speeds e.g. 4/2, 8/4, 12/6
-3 speeds e.g. 8/4/2, 8/6/4
(Dahlander or separate windings) (square-law or constant torque applications)
Voltage range: Up to 1000 V Up to 690 V Up to 690 V
Rated voltage: All of the usual low-voltages and voltage ranges according to IEC 60038
However, also: Non-standard voltages and / or frequencies according to customer specifications
Operating mode: S1 and various
Degree of protection: IP55, IP56, to IP68 IP56, IP66 (higher degrees of protection on request) IP55, IP56, IP66 (higher degrees of protection on request)
Cooling type: IC 411, IC 416, however, also special cooling types such as e.g. non-ventilated IC 410 IC 71 W IC 411, IC 416
Type of construction: IM B3, IM B5, IM B35, IM V1, IM V3, IM V5, IM V18, IM B14, IM B34 (special) IM B3, IM B6, IM B7, IM B8, IM B9, IM B15, IM V5, IM V6, IM V8, IM V9
IM B5, IM B35, IM V1, IM V3, IM B34, IM B14, IM V18, IM V19 (special)
Enclosure: All 1PS0 motors in a gray cast iron design
Bearings: Ball  bearings (standard) and special bearings for high axial (thrust) and radial forces
Standards: IEC, EN, DIN, VDE
Types of protection: without
Noise level: All motors are noise-optimized (noise limit values according to EN 60034-9), low-noise version possible for 2-pole motors (GG3) All motors are noise-optimized (noise limit values according to EN 60034-9)



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